How can one compel an automobile insurance company to send a settlement check (CA)?

by admin on July 14, 2011

I was very excited to hear that during the mediation of my personal injury case, the third party insurance company agreed upon a settlement that was fair and justifiable based on my injuries and medical expenses. However, despite this agreed upon settlement, the insurance company has completely failed to send me the check for two months to this day.

I’m not very sure about the settlement process, but two months seems like an unreasonable delay. I am beginning to get frustrated with my attorney, because she claims her hands are tied (She’s a great attorney and has sent numerous letter requests, yet I am still penniless). My own futile research revealed that under California’s insurance standards, the settlement check should be provided no more than 30 days after the settlement is agreed upon. However, the intricacies of legal settlements are like a foreign language to me (Sanskrit might be easier to learn), and I have unfortunately lost what little patience I had remaining.

Help me Yahoo! Answers, you’re my only hope…

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